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Assignment Help | CRM Video Questions

Watch the short Introduction to CRM video (Links to an external site.) on a business-to-business (B2B) buyer-seller relationship, think about how it connects to what you’ve learned so far, and answer the questions below.  Be sure to understand what a B2B relationship is!
State the question and then your responses.
Question 1. In your own words (approximately 50 words), explain how this video illustrates a customer-centric philosophy. 
Question 2. Explain how George and his company (seller) achieved a 360o view or ‘single view of XYZ Corporation (buyer)’?
Question 3. Explain two (2) connections you observed in this video that were discussed in Module 1, other than the single view of the customer. Be sure to explain what the concept is, how it is illustrated in this video, and where you found it in the course materials (Unit and page). 
Question 4. How might CRM be used in a not-for-profit setting such as local government OR charitable fundraising? Be specific.
Question 5. State a thought-provoking question you have about differentiation or CRM in general. Don’t ask it if the answer can be easily found in the course material!

Assignment Help | NUR 3178 – DB introductory

– Use the standard English grammar and spelling
– References are cited (if necessary)
– Post must be 150-200 words. 

Watch the two (2) videos below:

Integrative Health
Introduce yourself to your classmates, and include the following in your posting:

any experiences you have had with Complementary and Alternative Medicine
your thoughts on the videos
your personal goals for learning about Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Assignment Help | Sub: InfoTech Mobile

How does design & utility make a difference between good vs great websites? Explain
How is deciding between a mobile application vs a mobile website an important consideration by developers? Explain.
Why are push notifications the preferred method of communication over instant messaging among young people?

Word Count: 300
additional Scholarly source
Strict APA 7 format

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